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Medical Toxicology Research Center (MTRC) facilitates multidisciplinary research and teaching in toxicology and serves as a major resource for industry, government, community agencies, associations, the public and other universities providing educational analytical and basic research, as well as high quality occupational and environmental health and safety training.

The MTRC has continued its original objective to facilitate multidisciplinary research and teaching in toxicology and to serve as a major resource for University faculty and students, industry and the public. The Center supports the efforts of university scientists from pharmacology, toxicology, medicine, biology, microbiology, chemistry, clinical laboratory sciences and social and preventive medicine. Additionally, there are center members from local industry and other colleges and universities to collaborate with MTRC.

The Center provides numerous drug and environmental assays and toxicological models, and designs programs for industry to protect workers and the environment from the dangers of toxic substances. The Center supports an active industrial research and development program in which businesses can take advantage of opportunities of Center expertise in their sponsored research, toxicity tests, and employee training.