Main Activities

Clinical, environmental, and occupational toxicology

Clinical, environmental, and occupational toxicology

Other Activities

Toxicology is a multidisciplinary field of study involving the investigation of the adverse effects of various industrial and environmental chemicals on living organisms and ecosystems. Accordingly, this discipline is of paramount importance since it addresses the problems critical to human health and environment. With this background in mind, the Medical Toxicology Center started to work in 2007 as the only toxicology research center in the country. This center has worked in different areas of clinical, environmental, and occupational toxicology. It was established for performing research on toxicology processes and addressing the acute problems of the country, such as air pollution, epidemiology of toxins, addictive substances, and chemical substances, as well as poisoning related to deadly toxins and related diseases.

The Toxicology Research Center has made efforts to introduce, preserve, and promote studies in areas related to toxicology in order to succeed in guiding, facilitating, executing, and systemizing research projects according to the public's requirements by means of creating motivation and inspiration for specialists and experts. Numerous studies conducted by this center have certainly provided modern approaches for medical practice. The results of the studies carried out in the field of toxicology can be found in academic books and international journals.

Educational Activities
Publishing 3 scientific books published by Springer and Elsevier titled "Biological Toxins and Bioterrorism", "Handbook of Toxicology of Chemical Warfare Agents", "Basics and Toxicology of Organophosphorus Compounds"

Performing studies related to the late complications of intoxication by military chemical gasses on the veterans of the Iran-Iraq war

Research/Scientific Achievenments

Performing research related to the late complications of intoxication by military chemical gasses on the veterans of the Iran-Iraq war

Professional/Exclusive Activities
Holding educational workshops on different subject areas, such as detoxification method and how to treat an intoxicated patient
Establishing a fellowship course in clinical toxicology for the first time in Iran
Research Activities

Performing joint research projects with the Newcastle University of Britain with a budget of 1,070,000 GBP  paid by the British government

Performing research projects with the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

National/International Certification
Investigating the late complications of intoxication with SM gas, especially the cardiovascular complications observed in the veterans of the imposed chemical war

Heavy metals density, as well as nitrate and nitrite, in bottled water available in the market in 2010-2011

Investigating the effect of carnosol immune-modulatory on adjustable 810 lymphocytes in mice spleens

National / International Rating

Investigating the therapeutic effects of magnesium sulfate in acute intoxication of phosphorus insecticide in patients hospitalizing in the intoxication ward at Imam Reza Hospital

Producing a Northern Khorasan spider venom antiserum and evaluating the effect of its neutralization on BALN/C mice

Designing and applying advanced, quick, simple, cost-effective, and practical methods of spectrophotometry for the determination of the lead and copper density in environmental and biological fluid samples


Publishing articles in authentic international scientific journals

Identifying late complications of intoxication with SM gas

Treating intoxication by organic phosphorus insecticides

Measuring nutritional and water pollutants in Mashhad and alerting health authorities