Prof. Mahdi Balali-Mood, founding member and ex-president of the Iranian Society of Toxicology along with Prof. Alastair Hay of Leeds University, UK won the 2015 OPCW-The Hague Award. 



Dr Mahdi Balali-Mood (left) and Dr Alastair Hay, recipients of the second annual OPCW-The Hague Award.

More information of the Award is available on OPCW website ( and the link below:


 Prof. Balali-Mood is an eminent expert in the field of medical toxicology. He has dedicated his career to caring and advocating for the victims of chemical weapons.

During the course of the Iran-Iraq war (1981-1988), Dr Balali-Mood treated large numbers of patients who had been exposed to toxic agents, and was regularly called upon to advise medical practitioners in the field. In the aftermath of the conflict, he established a clinic for those suffering from the delayed and long-term effects of exposure to chemical warfare agents.

Dr Balali-Mood has presented at numerous events to educate medical practitioners and the public on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of poisonings, particularly on exposure to chemical warfare agents. He has served as an advisor to the WHO and the OPCW on medical toxicology for the last decades.


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