analytical lab



Analytical and clinical toxicology laboratory              


Supervisor: Professor Mehdi Balali Mood

Advisor in charge:Mrs.Mehrangiz Mokhtari

Advisor: Mr.Valyollah Moradi

These laboratories cover all needs of poisoning treatment center for the diagnosis and treatment of poisoned patients,
and also research projects in the center and other departments in the university.

Major technical facilities in the analytical and clinical toxicology laboratory are as follows:

1-      Blood gas analyser: Blood gas pH(ox)PLUS L (Hb. Hct. HCO3. PCO2. PO2. pH. Na. K. Ca. Lactate. Glucose)

2-      Atomic absorption spectrophotometer for determination of metals in biological specimens

3-      Gas chromatograph, inorganic materials measurement

4-      UV-visible spectrophotometer

5-      TDX for drug levels determination

6-      HPLC, organic materials measurement


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