cellular lab


Medical Toxicology Research Center

Cellular and molecular toxicology laboratory

Supervisor: Dr. Adel Moallem

Advisor in charge: Dr. Fatemeh Shirzad

Advisor: Mrs.Toktam Hosseini

Cellular and molecular toxicology laboratory is equipped for molecular, biochemical and cellular studies. These studies are mainly divided into two sections:

1-      Investigation of toxic effects of drugs, chemicals, and herbal extracts and components on the different systems of living organisms,

         cells and tissues are carried out in this section, especially the following fields:

A-     Investigation of toxic effects of substances on the growth of fetus in molecular, cellular, tissue and the whole animal levels.

B-     Evaluation of genetic toxicity of substances by micronucleus-flow cytometry method.

C-     Investigation of antitumor mechanism of saffron and its active constituents in cell culture.

D-     Investigation of long-term effects of chemical weapons exposure in chemical patients, especially genetic effects.  

2-      Stem cell investigations on the indices and differentiation of mouse and human peritoneal stem cells, and mechanisms of epigenetic

         control of primary human fetus are carried out in this section.

A-     This section, equipped with high quality instruments and apparatus, carry out routine toxicological tests, cell culture, molecular and

         cellular investigations of toxic effect on different systems of living organisms.

B-     Equipments of this section include: facilities for the culture of total mouse fetus and mouse organ, streomicroscope and digital   imaging for evaluation of fetal disorders, microtome, laminar-flow hood, CO2 incubator, invert microscope, Elisa reader, spectrophotometer, gradient thermal cycler (for PCR), gel sequencing, gel electrophoresis and liquid nitrogen dewars (for long term storing of cells).


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